All is not what it seems

They call it smoke and mirrors, and, sadly, we see a lot of that on social media. Let me give you an example, an ‘influencer’, tells you to stop making cold calls, stop posting every day and buy their system at $10K, so you can be a millionaire overnight without having to work hard.  

The picture that they post is of them getting onto a private jet. Yet, behind that camera? They turn right around, walk down those stairs from the private jet, across the runway, to get onto a commercial flight, economy class. 

There is nothing wrong with the last bit, most of us try to fly sensibly as the cost of flying right now is ridiculously high. What is wrong with it is the deception and the feeling of inadequacy that this can leave. Luckily, most of us are tired of this old approach of selling and look to work with suppliers that are authentic and that we can relate to.  

So, what do you need to look out for to smash through those smoke and mirrors? 

Firstly, LinkedIn is going to be your best point of reference. What’s their tone on their posts and can you relate to them and their followers? What resonates with you? 

Secondly, if you like what you see and read , and are getting more curious about that potential supplier, time to go check out their LinkedIn recommendations. What are their clients saying about them and how have they helped to solve the problem or challenge that you are looking to overcome? How has this person added value and does that fit with your situation? 

Thirdly, reach out to one or two of the people who have given the recommendations, would they be open to a brief call as you’d love to find out more about their experiences. 

Now it’s time to reach out, you’ve got the social proof that the supplier, be that a coach, accountant or lawyer has the experience you are looking for, you can relate to their values and can now have a conversation that will hopefully lead to support for you and a contract for them.  

Most of us can see through the smoke and mirrors, on a bad day, when we are fraught, there’s too much to do and we just want to get something off our plate because we are drowning or need an issue resolved as we just can’t take it anymore (frustration more than anything), it’s easy to react without much thought.  

Please be careful, this has cost some of my clients over $10,000 – money they will never get back and a bucket load of unnecessary frustration. 

There ARE some great support services out there, find what’s right for YOU.  

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