How Business Coaching Can Transform Your HR Consultancy

You’re independent, busy, have a great group of supporters around you, and don’t have time for a business coach.

If business transformation is your key objective, business coaching can help you achieve your goals. Coaching isn’t there to give you all the answers, it’s there to ignite new ideas, stretch your current thinking, make you pretty uncomfortable at times – to support your growth.

Let’s look at a few areas:

  • Ignite new ideas – a coach will know how to ask you the right questions to ignite new ideas, and frequently, these are the ones that fly!
  • Set better goals – a good business coach will help you to set goals with clear objectives aligned to them; plus an action plan around them.
  • Get crystal clear on how to manage and monitor said goals – by getting that clarity on you goals and setting better goals, you can also monitor these goals to keep you on track and pivot in the right way if necessary.
  • Key skills on how to problem solve – running a business is tough, really tough, there’s always so much to do and it can be a really lonely place to be.
  • Processes and systems to help you stay ON your business – time is no friend of yours when you’re running a business. Having great processes and systems in place will give you the space and capacity to grow. This is where coaching shifts to a mentoring role. There are plenty of great processes and systems out there, it’s about finding ones that work for you to track your time, help track leads and conversions, whilst monitoring cashflow. Don’t be afraid of technology, it can free up a lot of your time and identifying problems way before they even become a concern.
  • How to protect your time – I touched on time management briefly in the previous section on processes and systems. This is one of the most challenging and ongoing battles you will have. Your business coach will work with you to find a way of managing this that works for you. There are at least 25 models that I’m aware of out there!
  • How to increase your market share without impacting all your free time – a business coach will help you to identify the right strategy for you to increase your market share without having to work seven days a week.

Finally, and by no means least you need to connect with your coach, they could have all the qualifications in the world, BUT if you don’t have that connection, it’s a complete waste of money.

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