Staying in our lane

Why do so many people keep talking about ‘staying in your lane’? There are a multitude of posts, blogs, videos – you name it – it’s out there telling us to ‘stay in our lane’. In fact, we can be told over 99, 200,000 times if we do a search on Google!

On that point, when you type ‘why is it important to stay in your lane’ into Google – this is what it comes up with:

The phrase stay in your lane is used as a term of admonishment or advice against those who express thoughts or opinions on a subject about which they are viewed as having insufficient knowledge or ability.

Doesn’t is sound like people are telling us, ‘mind your own business?’ People pleasers and those who want to help are often accused of this.

Let’s look at the flipside what are the key reasons to stay in your lane?

It gives you permission to stay focused on your goals and objectives. As business owners, there’s always so much to do – especially with the explosion of technology, keeping up with sales, keeping clients sticky, keeping control of our finances, etc. Planning for another uncertain year, what will it bring? What’s coming next and how do we continue to nurture our resilience?

Secondly, it enables you to keep abreast of what’s going to happen in the future, understanding how the big stuff might impact your business, climate, politics, and technology are just three of those areas. What happens to your business if a new piece of AI comes out tomorrow that takes away parts of your business tomorrow. What opportunity does this create?

Lastly, and by no means least, staying in your lane, helps to identify and challenges on the horizon before they happen. That’s an outcome that has been given to you because you’ve stayed focused on your business, stayed on top of it and have gained insights into what’s to come -both big and small.

As we’ve all witnessed over the last couple of years, there’s always going to be things that hit us and hit us hard that we haven’t participated and sadly, that’s just a sign of the times. Doing as much as we can is so powerful, and our sub-conscious helps us to stay in control of the controllable aspects of what’s going on around us with greater ease.

You’ve embraced a future back thinking mentality – congratulations, you’ve learned to stay in your lane for all the right reasons!

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