Top tips on finding a business coach

As a business coach – I also invest in my own business coaching so I know first hand what I’m looking for AND the red flags. I’m probably harder to please than a lot of people and I see that as a good thing.  

Here are the top five recommendations on what to look for when you are looking to invest. 

1. The most of important ingredient of all is – find someone you connect with! 

We’re all human right? Which means we get on with some humans better than others. The same is going to be true of who you choose as a coach. If you “just click” you have ticked your first box in finding a good coach. 

2. Check out their results

Ask them questions about the sort of challenges or blockers they’ve helped their clients overcome. It might be different to your specific challenge, or challenges, however, have their demonstrated that they’ve added value? 

3. Beware of the franchisee

There ARE great coaches who are part of a franchise and I’ve met and worked with a lot of them. BUT there are many who are ‘looking for a next move’ and have been sold a coaching franchise at a vulnerable moment, who have never run their own business and have spent 25 years running someone else’s. There IS a HUGE difference – be warned! 

4. Do your own due diligence

This one is an easy one – check out the coaches LinkedIn recommendations. How many have they got? Do they go into detail?  

5. How flexible are they? 

Like any established coaching business, we have group programs and 121, plus a blend of the two. We are comfortable doing this because we’ve established what our clients want and need, AND we have the expertise and confidence to back it up. If you are being ‘encouraged’ to take a course or buy a product that doesn’t feel right, then perhaps they don’t have the flexibility that you require. 

Now let’s look at those red flags

1. The heavy sell 

We are all turned off by the ‘heavy sell’ or ‘hard sell’. However, if we are looking for a quick solution, its easy-to-get sucked in.  

Walkaway – you are probably in a systemised sales funnel with an early-stage franchisee.  

2. More about them than you 

Are they asking you lots of questions? Are they being curious about YOU? Your potential coach should be WANTING to get to know you right from the outset. Their curiosity will get the results.  

3. Time – expertise – not always

“I’ve been in business for 25 years” – great! What have they actually ACHIEVED? If you are looking for a business coach who has been part of growing a consultancy, ask them more about their contributions to that organisation. Can they give you examples of what they’ve done and how does that sit with what you are looking for from a coach? 

4. Something ‘doesn’t sit right’ 

This isn’t tangible, it’s an instinct, our first instincts are usually the right one – listen to it! 

5. They talk over you

If your potential coach talks over you – are they listening or are they listening to respond, there’s a difference! 

Finding the RIGHT coach for you can make all the difference between mediocre to great success. Ultimately. YOU create your own success; a good coach will expedite that journey.

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