We didn’t go to the moon alone

The last few weeks feels like I’ve constantly been in trains, planes, and automobiles to some of the leading industry shows and I’ve come away with a newfound understanding of our industry as a whole. I wanted to share some of these insights with you.  

Firstly, the scary stuff, if phones are predicted to be smarter than us in the next ten years, does this mean we will be controlled? That’s where the title of this article has come from. As I was reminded at one of the events last week, we didn’t go to the moon alone, we went with computers. 

That’s the thing, all this talk of AI, robots, computers taking over our jobs has created fear and resistance. There is no replacement for human contact, human empathy, humans listening to one another. As Steve Cadigan, author of Workquake said in his speech at Supermassive, ‘if we are always playing defensive with our businesses how can we play offensive?’ Great question, right? 

Our cultures ARE change – fact. Whilst we all appreciate how our brains struggle with constant change, I question is that through fear of the unknown or something else? Let’s start recognising that we are all much more than compliance and HR. We are ALL about change and being the conductors of that change.  

Put another way, the term, metaverse, came from a book – wait for it – 30 years ago – called Snow Crash (I’ve just ordered it on Amazon). With pundits saying that by 2030 people will be spending $5 trillion in the metaverse. Now, let’s look at the other facts (and as stated by Jim Stolze), 79% of that is being spent in in-gaming – now.  

So, you see, all that fear about what’s to come? So much of it here, it’s here today.  

We need to stay relevant and realise that it’s about PEOPLE, it’s about helping leaders we work with to keep up with change and the skills they need in their business. For example, do they really need a full-time Marketing Director, or do they really need a YouTube and TikTok expert? If so, where do they go to find that? 

It’s time for US to change and to be the experts that we are in PEOPLE. It really is that simple.  

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