Future Speak – Season 2 – Episode 10 – Sarah Noll Wilson

This week I am joined by Sarah Noll Wilson author of ‘Don’t Feed The Elephants’ and owner of an executive leadership firm is on a mission to make the workplace work for humans, she’s also a writer for Harvard Business Review.

On this episode, she talks about the fact that we need to have those difficult conversation about power, pay, structure, about equity – or even just being adaptive!

It’s all changed – holding onto what was – is causing organisations to struggle. I am really looking forward to sharing this full episode with you on Thursday.

THIS is an amazing episode. We’ve been given such an opportunity to rebuild the future of work. She is passionate about helping leaders and team members to have intentional conversations that are meaningful and create the impact that they want.

The problems arrive from not having the conversations the right way and to have the conversations they have been avoiding and having them differently.

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