Future Speak – Season 2 – Episode 9 – Francisco Reyes Pereira

This week I am joined by Francisco Reyes Pereira, Co-Founder at Kodo People, Behavioural Economics. He helps organisations excel through their people.

Francisco is one of those rare individuals who cares about community and development above everything else.

He’d love to see flexible workplaces, fully remote and hybrid workplaces, saving commute times and more time to be with family. Francisco was a leading light during the pandemic, creating communities and building powerful relationships all over the world. 

Mental health is such a challenge and something that is still underrated – time to
work on this! He is working hard to ensure people come first.

Francisco has a fabulous take on the future of work – Enjoy and listen to the full episode where I get the opportunity to spend time with this fabulous individual!

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