Four practical things you can do to enhance your mental wellbeing today

Mental health and wellbeing are such widely used terms that they have lost their meaning, their true, heartfelt meaning – taking care of people, taking care of individuals on their terms. That includes taking care of ourselves, which, let’s face it, can be easier said than done at times.  

Here are a few practical tips that I hope will help you to look after your mental wellbeing. 

1. Listen to your mind and body

If it’s telling you that you can’t go on because you are too tired. Don’t let the influencers get in the way of your own health. You know the ones, that tell us ‘To be that 1% who will push through and succeed.’ If you are happy to push yourself on, and you have enough mental and physical energy, then that’s fine, if you haven’t, take head and take that time out.  

2. Short breaks

Taking a short break every hour (or couple of hours if you are really into a project) can really help. Even if it’s just ten minutes to grab a cup of team or walk around your home, office, wherever you are.  

It helps to recalibrate and refresh your mind.  

3. Your personal algorithm

Not everyone is made to wake up with the larks, and that’s OK. Find a routine that works for you and that includes when you do your most intense work where maximum brainpower is needed. 

If you are at your full capacity at 7am, 9am midday, middle of the afternoon or evening, then that’s the best time to do the hard stuff, family and life allowing of course.  

4. Don’t forget to have fun

A lot of us live by a value of serving others, which includes our own personal development outside of work. One of the best ways to live a life of serving others is for us to have a full life ourselves – and that often leads to us living a life of gratitude. It’s not a one off thing, it’s definitely not like an arrivals hall that when you find it, you’ve got there. It takes constant work.  

What one thing can you give yourself as a treat each week? I’m not talking expensive travel or fancy restaurants, – you might well want to do that! A coffee with a friend, a dog walk, an early night with a good book or a soak in the bath. Whatever it is, have FUN! 

So much of this has already been said across millions of posts on social media, magazines, and videos. The meaning behind it doesn’t change – the priority to look after YOU!

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