How To Find Fractional HR Work

When you come out of corporate, you’re accustomed to dealing with thousands of employees and a massive budget of eye-watering proportions.

Now you’re on your own, trying to sell your worth. No one’s told you, firstly, how to sell, or secondly, how to do it.

Your confidence is probably near the floor because you’re unsure about how to find work or how to sell your value.

Firstly, you’ve come from a senior position.

Chances are, you’ve been in corporate for at least 10 to 15 years, possibly even 20 years or more.

You’ve built up an extensive network of decision-makers not only from organizations you’ve worked for but also your peers who’ve attained C-suite level roles in other organizations.

Secondly, be proud of what you’re doing and find excitement in it.

Find joy in what you’re offering to others.

After all, look at what you’ve accomplished for the organizations you’ve worked for. Engage with your community. Be open-minded. You’re not necessarily seeking clients from them.

You’re asking if they know anyone within their network. You’re spreading the word about the work you’re about to undertake, and that in itself will help you gain your initial clients.

The next step will be to identify pricing and how to price your services. Don’t worry, that will come next.

Build your peer network or, hey, why not get in touch with a business coach like me who has likely worked with hundreds of people just like you.

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