Tailored Business Coaching

Hi, I’m Sam Eaton and I’ve been where you are now.
Lucky for you, that means I can help.

Giving your business
an unfair advantage

I’m a Business Coach but that can sound a little stiff. So, simply, I’m a business builder who has learnt the world of HR by doing.

If you’re a HR business (consultancy, specialist, software provider or payroll provider),

I’ve lived and breathed exactly what you’re going through.

I’ve built, scaled, and supported consultancies across the UK, USA, Canada, and South Africa (to name a few!), so I genuinely get it.

It was a nightmare for me because of the endless trial and error, but it’s perfect for you because the lessons have already been learnt. They’re just waiting to be implemented.

Which style suits you best?

Because my mission is to help families have better lives by making you more successful, I try to keep it as simple as possible for us to achieve. I have two options:

Personal Coaching

You and I both know one size doesn’t fit all, especially in HR consultancy. So, there are no square pegs in round holes, no clichés (the peg one doesn’t count!), and no surface level skimming.

One to one coaching is entirely tailored to you and what you need. I’ll listen without judgement, and we’ll create something that’ll work for you and that you can enjoy.

The Growth Accelerator

You might work better in a group and by bouncing ideas off other people in the same position as you. In which case, this option is a hybrid of personal coaching and coaching alongside other HR founders.

It’s a 12 week programme where we roll our sleeves up, have fun, and ultimately put you one step ahead of your competitors to generate more revenue and get the right clients.

The Future of HR Growth Podcast.

Growing a business is hard. I’ll be speaking with leaders in the industry to give you access to invaluable insights, ideas, and inspiration to help you feel less alone on your HR journey.

From the Blog…

I also like to put out the odd blog with some easy to implement ways to improve your business processes. Have a scroll through and see if any resonate with you.