Christmas Countdown for Founders

Train strikes, freezing conditions and a fair number of bugs going down, plus a huge flurry of Christmas parties, makes it difficult this time of year to keep focused and finish the year on a high. 

Here are a few simple tips to help you finish off the year with an optimised pipeline and great online visibility. 

  • Put calls into all your outstanding leads – calls are harder to ‘ignore’ than emails and how often do you receive calls? 
  • Get meetings booked in this side of Christmas if you can talk about what your clients and potential clients are looking to achieve in 2023. 
  • Chase any January and February retainers that might be ending, this side of Christmas.  
  • Set up a New Year’s email to go out to all your contact lists in your CRM. Wish them well for 2023 and have a suitable Call to Action in that message. Most people will be sending out Christmas cards and just getting back to work at the beginning of January.  
  • If you are taking a Christmas break and shutting down, can you spare 20-30 minutes each day over that period to post value add content on LinkedIn? Think about using Canva carousels as they are a great way to demonstrate value and they are eye opening.  
  • Think outcome, outcome, outcome – what will your clients get from working with you? It’s more than an action list of tasks that you will deliver. Get creative and have some fun with it.  

Still planning your 2023 goals and need some help? No problem let’s talk about how we can help with a couple of sessions to get your New Year off to a flying start – on your terms.  

Click here to schedule a call to have a conversation. 

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