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Transboarding, antifragility, Web 5.0, being human and why we need to stop being so obsessive. These are just some of the things I’ve learned and discussed at some of our industry’s leading events over the last few months.  

Netflix leads through context and not control. I heard a brilliant case study recently on how they manage people and it’s truly wonderful. That whole philosophy of leading through context is so true in the world of HR, L&D, organisational change and recruitment. HR shouldn’t be living or operating in a parenthood role, and yet, in so many instances this still seems to be happening.  

Antifragility is something I have also been talking more about in my posts lately and this seems to be resonating with so many of you. The point of this is to help our leadership teams get stronger through challenge – and not more fragile. We’ve all heard and been speaking about resilience so much over the last few years, that it’s true meaning has almost been lost in the noise.  

With more and more of the larger organisations embracing a multi-talented workforce, who have held a variety of roles, transboarding is becoming , ‘a thing’. It’s brilliant! If you think about, there’s room for this in the SME market as we are seeing leaders in this spacing wanting their SLT’s understand the roles across the business.  

The web is set to change – and change dramatically over the coming months with 3.0 becoming more mainstream. But wait – Jack Dorsey is already working on 5.0. My point is this change isn’t going to stop anytime soon, which is why anti-fragility is so important.  

We need to stop being obsessed with the next big mountain that’s flung Infront of us to climb. Great recession, great resignation, inflation, self-driving software – oh my goodness the distinction of humanity and all our roles because of technology. The robots are coming! 

My biggest takeaway from all these events I have been to is that we will continue to work with technology. Sure, our mobile phones may be smarter than us in less than ten years’ time. Twenty years ago, for those of us who were in the workplace then, we would be dealing with manual timesheets that needed to be sent via fax at the end of the week to our staff. They then filled it in, signed it and faxed it back. Those days are long gone!  

Let’s start getting back to being obsessed by people, our teams and how we move our workforces forward.  

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