Preparing for 2024 Part 1: Review Your Year in Business

Hey, HR founders (and my other amazing readers)! Can you believe it? We’re about to flip the calendar into a new year – 2024 is knocking at our door! But before we swing that door wide open, let’s take a moment to rewind, reflect, and relive the rollercoaster ride that was 2023.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill year-end review; it’s a friendly chat about the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Think of it as your chance to relive all 12 months of business ownership, celebrate your wins, and learn from those curveballs that entrepreneurship threw your way! 

In Part 1 of our “Preparing for 2024” series, we’re all about revisiting the past. So, kick back, grab your favourite drink, and let’s take a walk down memory lane. We’ll discover what 2023 had in store for us and how it’s shaping us for the exciting adventure that lies ahead in 2024.

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How to Use This Blog Post to Your Advantage 

Before diving in, I thought I’d share some tips on how to use this post to your advantage. Like me, you’re probably bombarded with information every day. However, simply reading this article isn’t enough to benefit from it! You must take the time to reflect and put your learning into action. “But Sam”, you say, “I know what’s happened in my business in 2023, so there’s nothing to gain from reflection, right?”


Here’s what I recommend.  

  1. Schedule some time aside to complete this task. Add it to your diary and prioritise you and your business! 
  2. Reflect in a way that works for you, whether that’s journaling, talking, walking, running, or something else. 
  3. Make a list of five things you learned from the activity, and keep them closeby when we release Part 2 of this blog series. 

Now, let’s start the 2023 review. 

First, What Went Well? 

Let’s kick off our year-in-review journey with a celebration of your successes! In this section, we’ll explore what worked well in 2023, those moments that made you smile and nod in satisfaction. Here are some questions to guide your reflections:

Winning Clients with Ease

Take a moment to recall the clients you won effortlessly in 2023. What was it about these partnerships that made them practically fall into place? Maybe it was your exceptional communication skills, a perfectly tailored offering, or simply being in the right place at the right time. Dive into the details of these successful client acquisitions and pinpoint why they were such smooth sailing.

Client Profiles: Were there specific client profiles or industries where you found it easier to win business? What characteristics or needs did these clients share?

Effective Communication: Reflect on your communication strategies. Did your messaging resonate particularly well with certain clients? What key points seemed to seal the deal effortlessly?

Relationship Building: Consider the relationships you cultivated. Did you have a strong network that facilitated these wins? How did your existing connections contribute to your success?

Closing Deals with Finesse

Delve into the specifics of your sales process during these successful client acquisitions. What steps did you take to close the deals so seamlessly? Was there a particular approach or technique that consistently worked wonders? Whether it was your pitch, your negotiation style, or your follow-up strategy, identifying the winning formula will empower you to replicate your successes in the future.

Sales Process: Break down your sales process for successful acquisitions. Which stages flowed smoothly, and why? Were there any particular milestones where negotiations excelled?

Techniques and Tactics: Think about the specific techniques or tactics you used frequently. Did you use storytelling, data-driven presentations, or other methods that consistently worked in your favour?

Client Feedback: Did you receive any feedback from the clients you won easily? What did they appreciate most about your approach, and how can you replicate this in future interactions?

Celebrating Your Methods

Success is worth celebrating, and your methods deserve a toast! Reflect on the aspects of your business approach that brought you joy and results in 2023. What methods or practices left you feeling proud and accomplished? These are the foundations upon which you can build for an even more remarkable 2024.

Key Methods: Identify the core methods or practices that made your year remarkable. What made these methods stand out, and how did they contribute to your overall success?

Personal Growth: In what ways did your personal growth or professional development play a role in your achievements? Did you acquire new skills or insights that contributed to your success? 

Future Application: Consider how the strengths you’ve identified can be applied in the upcoming year. How can you leverage these successes to set the stage for an even more prosperous 2024?

(H2) Secondly, What Didn’t Go So Well? 

While celebrating successes is essential, it’s equally valuable to acknowledge the areas where you faced challenges and encountered roadblocks. In this section, we’ll candidly explore what didn’t go as smoothly as planned in 2023 and how you can use these experiences to fuel improvement for the year ahead. Here are some questions to guide your reflections:

Frustrations and Roadblocks

Identifying Frustrations: Take a moment to pinpoint the aspects of your business or projects that caused frustration or slowed you down in 2023. What were the common themes or recurring issues?

Systems Analysis: Have you critically examined your existing systems and processes? Did any shortcomings in your workflows contribute to these frustrations?

Missed Opportunities

Lost Clients: Reflect on the clients you lost in 2023. Were there instances where you felt you should have won a client but didn’t? What were the reasons behind these missed opportunities?

Honest Self-Reflection: Have you been honest with yourself about the reasons for these losses? Were there areas where you could have improved your approach or offerings to better meet client needs?

Time-Consuming Endeavours

Time-Consuming Achievements: Identify the goals or projects that took longer to achieve than expected. What were the factors contributing to these delays?

Improvement Strategies: How can you streamline your processes and improve efficiency in these areas next year? What changes can you implement to reduce the time investment?

By addressing these challenges head-on and seeking solutions, you’ll not only learn from your experiences but also pave the way for a smoother and more successful 2024. Remember, acknowledging areas for improvement is a vital step towards growth and progress. Let’s turn these lessons into opportunities for the future! 

Turn Lessons Into Action 

As you read through the recollections of your year, the real magic happens when you turn insights into action. Take those moments of clarity, the lessons learned, and the memories – both delightful and challenging – and use them as fuel for your journey ahead. 

Whether it’s setting specific goals, making adjustments in your strategies, or fostering personal growth, this is your chance to transform hindsight into foresight. Remember, the past is a powerful teacher, but it’s the actions you take in the present that will shape your future. 

So, let this blog post be your guide as you step boldly into 2024, armed with the wisdom of yesterday and the enthusiasm for tomorrow! 

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