Things I’ve learned as a female founder

When we came up with the working title for this blog, ‘easy’, I thought. I’m all about supporting female founders all over the world. I support them in my business, I support them in my personal life. I try and purchase as much as I can from female founders. When I sat down to write this, I really needed to focus on my key learnings, and how it’s helped me to evolve and grow as a founder, someone who feels a huge responsibility to help my clients to grow on their terms and how it’s personally impacted me.  

My biggest learning as a female founder is building up a support network of other female founders who are ahead of me in their current businesses. How can I learn from them, how can we stay connected and how can I support them too?  

My second lesson is appreciating the stage of life I am in. Post-menopausal, I feel so much more focused and mentally resilient than I ever have before. Even in my mid-20’s when I was working for a media mogul and before that one of the top men of Wall Street. Conversely, my body isn’t the same anymore and there’s a real need to build on my holistic wellbeing. Good sleep, a stable diet, plenty of water and the right exercise for me.  

It’s so easy to say, ‘I don’t have time’ and that happens on a regular basis, it’s how I ‘make up for it’ and cut myself some slack on the bad days. Not too much slack has been my biggest learning. The need to look after me is more important than ever before.  

My third lesson has been to carve out time for family and friends which is hard, as I’m sure you all have learned from building your own businesses. In terms of home, more than getting the chores done together, although that can be rewarding. Date nights, or weekend walks even are super important. Putting time in the diary to see friends and not to work all hours. What are the simple things in life that make you happy? Make time for that!  

Lastly, to enjoy every day, sounds cheesy, it’s helped me to learn from each day and to monitor progress. We can all race to the finishing line, we miss out on so much if we just do that. How many of us have thought about having a mistakes budget? We will all make mistakes, that’s a good thing! It means we are pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones.  

So go out there, look after you, enjoy it, get that mistakes budget going and have fun! After all, if this was easy, everyone would do it right?  

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