Top Challenges Faced By HR Founders

Whether you’re new to HR or not, there will always be challenges to face and conquer. Knockbacks and hurdles aren’t uncommon, but even knowing that doesn’t put your mind at ease when it’s racing with thoughts. Sometimes this can cause you to question your abilities, and you then wonder: ‘Do my clients doubt my abilities, too?’

Chances are, they don’t. They’re human just like you, and they understand we all face challenges and obstacles. After all, challenges are part and parcel of any job, so you’re not alone. But knowing you’re not alone can only help so much. What you need are answers to your problems, and you’re taking the right step by starting your search.

This blog explains the top six challenges faced by HR founders and gives a solution that may change your outlook for the best. To find out more, contact our experienced team at MindAbility today.

Set Yourself For Business Success

As an HR founder, you’re looking for success— but you may not know where to find it. In many cases, issues are with sales and scaling. Why is this? There are several reasons, such as:

1.    Not Knowing Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is critical, and the first step to setting yourself— and your company— up for great things in the future. You need to find people with the right skills, but where are they? The truth is that they could be anywhere, but you don’t have time to search the globe. Identifying who your target market is and where you might find them is the first step to finding the right talent you’ve been searching for.

2.    Not Having Optimised Services

Optimising your services is the next step in your path to success in HR. Un-optimised services can easily cut into a company’s budget and affect its bottom line, especially for smaller companies. Optimising your services will allow you to increase productivity all around, which will ultimately save both time and money in the long run.

3.    Not Maximising Revenue

Driving revenue and maximising it to its fullest potential is key for any organisation. While many people may not typically think of HR first when it comes to revenue-makers in a business, HR is more crucial here than they may expect. While HR doesn’t contribute directly to a company’s bottom line, anybody in HR will understand how much of a role they truly play in the pipeline.

4.    Having Too Many Subscriptions And Unnecessary Expenses

Having too many subscriptions and other unnecessary expenses can easily add up to an overwhelming number. When you accumulate these over time the expenses can slip by one by one, but eventually they will come to light— and probably at the most inconvenient time. HR budgets generally include hiring, salaries, benefits, training, and workplace wellness and engagement, but you may find yours also includes less relevant extras that can impact a business’ financial performance.

5.    Not Knowing How To Increase Market Share

Any business is looking for an increase in market share, which is the percentage of the total sales earned by that company during a specified period of time. Increasing market share can help greatly in areas such as growing a business’ customer base, increasing sales, and improving a company’s agility.

6.    Lacking Confidence And/or Commitment

Winning people over is a big part of business and life in general. This requires a certain amount of confidence and the ability to exude that confidence well and without arrogance. Additionally, demonstrating your commitment to your craft can go a long way in facilitating employee growth and retaining hardworking employees your company can’t afford to lose.

HR Challenges? Our eBook Can Help

If you’re facing challenges such as these in your HR position, you’re not alone. At MindAbility we handle issues regarding sales, scaling, and more for clients across the UK, USA, Canada, and South Africa. For the answers to your HR questions, purchase our Know And Sell Your Worth eBook today for just $19.

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