What changes can we expect to see in the HR Consultancy world in 2023?

Fed up with change anyone? According to a recent Gartner report so are a growing number of employees. “In 2016, the Gartner Workforce Change Survey showed 74% of employees were willing to change work behaviors to support organizational changes, but that number dropped to 38% in 2022.”*

Let’s face it – we are all weary of change and that change is seeing a huge influx of HR consultants and consultancies launching.  Is this a threat to those with existing businesses? I don’t think so, there’s more opportunity to work with associates, thereby reducing your fixed overheads. There’s more talent in the marketplace and a greater opportunity to grow your network as a result.

Here are some of the headlines that I’ve been reading about and listening to on podcasts.

  • Larger companies will continue to focus on leadership development with a theme around human leadership.
  • Attracting and maintaining talent is still a big issue for many larger organisations.
  • Organisational design will continue to be a challenge for many organisations, with digital transformation, the generational challenges and changing workforce, this will certainly be a high priority for many.
  • The employee experience and how the demands of teams are changing – and will continue to change.

None of this is new to any of us – it’s how we take this and ensure that we, as business owners stay one step ahead of the curve, and really think about “what is the problem that my target clients have and don’t want? What is the solution we/I have that they need and don’t have?”

Many of us work for SME’s and the challenges of the larger organisations cascade down to this market too on a different level.

So, are there many more changes to come in 2023 or is it more of the same with a constant theme of change, be that from worldwide events or the world of work evolving?

*Source – https://www.gartner.com/en/articles/what-will-hr-focus-on-in-2023

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