What is the learning loop and why is it so important?

The classic learning loop is based on Explore, Envision, and Discover and is all part of the theory of future back thinking. Something a lot of you will have heard me bang on about, frequently! 

Why is it so important and how does the learning loop apply to future back thinking? 

Firstly, let’s look at future back thinking. 

A quick Google search says, “Future-back thinking is a way to develop a clear vision of your organization’s intended future and to anticipate and grasp opportunities for breakthrough growth— and to stop doing the things that are becoming irrelevant.” 

That’s the point it helps us to STAY relevant and that is what’s vitally important for any business owner operating in this era. 

Using the learning loop, it helps us to: 

Explore – what assumptions can we make about the future? Think about how AI, other technologies, the political and fiscal landscape will impact your business. 

Envision – now, get selfish – what does your business look like in the future. Go way out of your comfort zone and look at ten years from now.  

Discover – how can you experiment with some of your theories? Talk to potential clients, have peer to peer roundtables or something completely different? See, I went back to present future thinking there. Why couldn’t I arrange a conference in the metaverse or have a bunch of us talking via holographic technology? 

That’s the point – this learning loop will help get those creative juices flowing! 

If you’d like to talk about this or any other business models that might help, I’d love to arrange a conversation and help get to the heart of what’s getting in your way of success right now.  

Here’s a link to my Calendly to talk.

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