When is the right time to choose a business coach?

If your brain is spinning faster than a washing machine that’s been re-engineered to have a ‘warp speed mode’ and you have questions like: 

  • Do I get (another) full-time employee now? 
  • Do I need to change the type of people I’m bringing on?  
  • Should I be building a portal to create passive income? 
  • Do I take on more clients? 
  • Where do I find the bigger clients now? 

Then the answer to your question is, yes, it’s a good time to start talking to a business coach or a business coaching organisation that can help you to go to that next level. 

There are many coaches out there, some who specialise in start-ups – they’ll help you with getting the foundations in place. Running a business is very different from running someone else’s. 

Then there are business coaches like me and my team, who work with those who have got a couple of years under their belts (in some instances) it may be a decade and they are either looking to: 

  • Scale up – increase their turnover and protect their margins.  
  • Pivot – introduce new products and services to market alongside an already near to capacity team. 
  • Overcome and fix – there’s a gap between a founder’s vision and reality and they need an experienced coach who can come in and coach, mentor and consult for a project.  

I am biased, in that I fundamentally believe business owners need a coach at every stage, and on an ongoing basis. It’s so easy for us to feel we’ve got it all worked out’ and then something hits us and we get distracted by clearing up an expensive problem.  

There are key periods in all our business life where a business coach can literally make our business.  

For example, we helped one of our clients generate $375K last year for a $7K three-month 121 program. Worthwhile investment? She thinks so!  

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