Why business coaching is ideal for fast-growing HR consultancies

Is your HR consultancy or people specialist business growing rapidly? GREAT! This is a perfect time to find a business coach to help you continue to grow and optimise your growth.

Here’s some of the areas to think about:

Pricing – is now a good time to review your pricing model and how you price your services and products?

Processes – have you automated and templated as much of your business as you possibly can.

Services – are there additional or complementary services that you could offer to clients you are already working with and/or prospects where you haven’t been able to close any business? This can be a tough one to sell to an already busy team who feel they are at maximum capacity.

This is where you can work with your coach to help provide insight on how to approach this for success. Creating team power hours is a great way to get everyone on the phones for example to reconnect with prospects and clients.  If you want something done, ask a busy person, right?? According to Horstman’s corollary, work contracts to fit in the time we give it.’

Old clients – clients come and go, however there are several ways to keep clients engaged to increase revenue from an account management perspective as well as staying front of mind for future work. One of the most frustrating comments to hear from a client is, “I didn’t realise you did that; I’ve just signed up with another company.”

Streamlining – what you already have in place is a great way to help increase your margins and get really focused on activities in the business.

Team development – if you have employees or even other consultants who work with you, they are a vital part of your sales team. When was the last time you helped develop them to be great salespeople for you? This is potentially an untapped goldmine for you and once that can have a positive impact, quickly.

Finally, as your business continues to rapidly expand, it’s time to think about the what’s next. Once you get an answer to that question, it’s vitally important to think about how you deliver on that.

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